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Glazed tile fireplaces

We are offering glazed tile fireplaces, whitch are used in estonia and other countries for centuries. Our builders are well experienced to carry on their ,,father´s,, knowledge. We are using only the best materjals like half hand made glazed tiles, to be last for generations. We can suggest the best stove for you needs according to the area and insulation class of you house or apartment. Stoves can be used with other heating systems (for example electricity) to stablise the temperature or without (as I use). Even if you have working system you can use fireplace to minimise your costs or to make the beautiful heart for your home. Fireplaces are working as ventilation duct as well, while burning, improving your climate. After heating your fireplace, while enjoying relaxing light and sound of burning wood, you just close it and can feel the natural warmness for up to 24h.

We operate over Sweden
don't hesitate to contact as
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E-mail: ahi@tulbi.ee

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